Please contact me at first. Let we deal. Feel free and explain your request by Contact Page.

Please don't deep insane level details.

Please read the information I wrote below.

You can ask whatever you want to ask.

I do not produce any content other than 2D/3D humanoid (or humanoid creatures) characters who are over 18 years old.

You can use my Search Page for example commissions. Just search as "Commission".

No refund.

Delivery time is 30 days with your email address as Vimeo or Google Drive link. I am starting commissions after monthly animation release. In some cases I can deliver earlier.
No worry, i am working as fast as possible and quality.

It is a minimum of forty-five seconds and a maximum of one and a half minutes.
Sometimes it may be a little longer due to special circumstances.

They are all 2K(2560x1440) resolution, between 25Mbps-30Mbps bitrate value and with high quality sound effects. So, same as my main animations.

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Request a Commission

Request a Commission

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