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Patrons are charged on the day they join your membership, and then monthly on that same date. For example, if a patron joins on the 10th, they’ll be charged on that day, and then monthly on the 10th.

After clicking buttons below, please read all tier and benefit details before join. Choose your tier and join us!
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Patreon is the main platform I use. It is a special and useful platform that supports content producers and enables supporters to access exclusive content.

Patreon subscriptions are renewed monthly and annually. You can choose whichever you want. There are 2 different membership types available.

My website working with Patreon Integration. You should connect your Patreon on my website and unlock contents.
For doing this, open related content page then click "Connect your Patreon" button then Allow.


SubscribeStar is a platform I subscribe to as an alternative to Patreon. Apart from being very similar to Patreon, it also has a few more special and useful features.

If you think it is more suitable for you, you can become a member. I share the same content on every platform simultaneously.
The choice is entirely yours.


One of the most artist-friendly platforms on the internet is the DeviantArt platform. All kinds of content can be published freely and anyone who wishes can become a member and support.

You can become a member on a monthly basis and support me. If you become a monthly member of my DeviantArt page, you can access my content like any other platform.

Detailed information is here


Some people want to buy my content directly. Or they just want to donate me. They do not require a monthly or annual subscription. In this case, I can offer them two alternatives.

The first is Crypto and the other is my BuyMeACoffee Extras page.

Crypto Currency

The other way to buy that I can offer you is cryptocurrency. I have integrated it into my website. Reliable, automatic and fast. Once the payment is complete, you can automatically receive your content.

Also, if you just want to donate, you can use it in the same way. In my opinion, it's a pretty good option for users who don't want a subscription.


You can request commissions by clicking here.

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Request a Commission

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