FoFe Here ! I AM BACK !


Hello everyone ! I am back.

Hello again after a long and boring break :)

What We Need to Know

I have been developing myself for modeling and quality content for a long time. I also edited the model here myself and adjusted its overlays. How do you think it happened?

In the next process, I want to use the fantastic characters known in games and movies. And yes! Inshoe, trampling, vore and similar scenes will continue. It's the same as before, but of course, as I said before, these will come together around a logical scenario.

I will post more often now

There will also be renderings

I opened a Discord server again. I want to communicate more with my supporters on Patreon and all of the other people.

I deleted all of them because I didn't want to be remembered for my old animations. I don't even have a spare. And I'm serious about it. Some were nice but overall uneven.

This is a new page now and will continue like this!


mikefootlover shared this comment on 2022-07-08

So Happy you got your new site up my Giantess looking forward what you bring i like your old site this one looks better starting fresh coming back with a Crush Thank you FoFe you can Squash me flat anyday love. :) <3

Comment profile photo of fofe3d Thank you Mike!

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